A New Blog

It took hours of frustration, multiple theme changes, and some very un-ladylike words, but it was well worth it to finally start my own beauty blog. In the past I have written beauty articles for uber-cool style blog La Mode Au Naturelle and NotableTV, a site “for young professionals, by young professionals.” I decided to start my own beauty blog at the suggestion of Mlle. LaModeAuNaturelle after a recent tryst with temporary hair colour (you can see the results in Beauty Experiments). So here it is, the beauty blog you’ve all been looking for…Because It’s Pretty!

The name is a tribute to all of the beauty lovers who have ever been asked “Why do you need another set of feather eyelashes?” or “Why do you spend sooo much time doing your makeup???” The only answer you need to give is Beacause It’s Pretty.

While I can’t promise daily postings (getting a BAH in English is surprisingly time consuming), I will try to bring you beautiful articles as often as I can.

I would also love to hear from you! If you have any beauty questions, article suggestions or if you just want to say hi you can email me at BecauseItsPretty@gmail.com

Keep checking back in the next couple of weeks for beauty experiments, book reviews and some how to articles.


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