London- Diary #1

It’s quite late here so this will only be a quick post– will add pictures later.

At the moment I am positively exhausted.

Wednesday: Wake up at 5:00 am, car came to pick Mum and I up at 6…I was surprisingly bright eyed and bushy tailed considering the time. It must have been the prospect of coming to London. Of course I would have loved a good, long lay-in this morning, but Mum and I had a meeting with for a tour at UCL at 9:30. I should have taken pictures but it was rather in gray in the morning and I figured I could get better pictures online…I was right. Lots to tell about UCL but I think I’ll leave that to a separate post when I have more time…one week is not enough time to get everything done . Suppose I really will have to move here…quel domage.

My future school campus (hopefully)

In the afternoon Mum and I met up for lunch with Aunty Penny at The Wallace Collection, a beautiful little art gallery with a beautiful restaurant that makes the most delicious quiche. By the way I have fully accepted the fact that I will not fit into anything that I’ve bought when I get home…far too much good food to eat in London.

We’re currently staying with Aunty Penny in London (a.k.a my London mummy) who conveniently lives right around the corner from Selfridges. Let the shopping games begin! Did an initial browse to see what was in-store….we’ve got a lot of ground to cover this week so no sense in emptying our bank accounts on the first day in the first store…”emptying bank accounts”: you may chuckle…but then you have definitely not been shopping with Mum and I in London. I took a few pictures in the newly opened shoe gallery (to be added) but I admit, I’ve been rather neglectful of my travel photograph. Confession: despite my fab new camera, I loathe walking around snapping pictures, looking like a tourist…I feel silly. I’ll try to get over this in the name of good blogging.

Had tea with Mum and Aunty Susie (another sister/bestie of Mum’s that she’s known since she was 13) at Selfridges…more food (so good). The while Mum was still tired I happily browsed around the store a bit more. Spent ages in the stationary department agonizing over whether I really needed another Moleskine notebook or not…I finally decided that, for the moment, I do not. A difficult decision to make when surrounded by an entire store section of the always handy and oddly satisfying books.  I then spent even more time entranced by the shelves of glossy works of art in the magazine section– a.k.a. my paradise. I already had a small collection of Vogue, InStyle (both UK of course) and Elles (UK & CA) waiting for me at home, but I couldn’t resist the most recent issue of Vogue UK and LOVE calling to me from their shelves. I happily skipped home, hugging my rather heavy purchases. Unfortunately, I was so caught up in my magazine-reading daydream that I walked straight past Aunty Penny’s road. Thankfully I didn’t get myself completely lost (as I often do), and only went two or three blocks in the wrong direction before I realized and turned around.

Home for a delicious homemade meal and an early night!

All in all a very successful first day!