An adventure to Elephant & Castle

I ventured down to Elephant & Castle today (where LCC is) to enroll in my course. For those of you who are wondering, yes there is an elephant there…with what seems to be a castle on its back…

An elephant & a castle!

I decided to take a cab because I assumed that the driver of a London Black Cab would know where the school was. They are supposed to know all of London. He didn’t. It wasn’t entirely his fault though; There are no signs anywhere telling you where the school is. Even when you’re in it!

Enrollment was relatively quick and painless. Met some girls from the publishing program who were lovely so that gave me hope.

Upon leaving the school I decided to explore the area a little. LCC’s surroundings are slightly different than the lovely areas that I’ve been used to for school (i.e. Forest Hill in Toronto, the student bubble in Kingston.) I have a feeling that I won’t be spending too much of my spare time there. I will definitely not be hanging around at night if I can help it.

Decided it was time to go home so I started walking towards the tube station. It was on this lovely stroll that a man sitting on the grass reminded me how truly charming British gentlemen can be. His pick-up line?

“Hello darling! How ya doing…Any nice c*ck lately?”

Lovely. How could any girl possibly resist such poetry and romance? Not exactly Mr. Darcy or James Bond. I of course pretended to be engrossed in an email on my blackberry and kept walking (a little faster than before.)

I’m sitting on the tube writing this now…but I think I should start paying attention before I miss my stop.