Hello Again!

I’ve now experimented with almost every blogging platform there is and have come to the conclusion that if I want to keep blogging for free, I’ll have to settle for not being able to make my site look exactly like I want it to…that’s fine.

So here I am back on WordPress and back to blogging! It’s taken me a while to get back, but here I am.

As some may know I am now (finally) living in London! I start my MA in Publishing at the London College of Communication on Wednesday and I can’t wait. Until then I’m just hanging around London, enjoying my free time in the city.

I am moving in with Carola (my “sister”) soon — so excited! I think we should have a reality TV show when I move in.

Summary of my London life so far:

Sunday – Arrival. Hung out with friends. Went hunting for wireless internet at Starbucks. Adventured to Oxford street around 4:30 (horrible idea) to get a new SIM card. Contemplated a nap…but didn’t. Seriously thought about going to bed early…but didn’t. Instead met up with Carola, ate yummy Chinese food, drank lots of wine with dinner. Passed out.

Monday – Adventure to Elephant and Castle (more to come on this). Enrolled for my course at school. Bought October issues of UK magazines (they all seemed really big…is October London’s September?) Went home, read InStyle. Got pretty. Went out for dinner (Fish and Chips and lots of wine, both delicious!) with Carola and Tania (London sisters). Got home. Passed out.

Tuesday – Slept in…much longer than I intended to. Breakfasted. Now blogging. Goal of the day: find an outfit for an event tonight! Shopping time!