London Fashion Weekend

I’d been looking forward to this particular Saturday for weeks. Why this Saturday? Because this was the day that I had booked my ticket for London Fashion Weekend! I woke up earlier than usual to pick out an outfit and ensure that I was properly groomed for the day (oh so important!)

After trying on every item of clothing that I brought with me, I finally decided on an outfit. (If you must know it was similar to the picture below…but the shirt was tucked in with a belt…much more chic. Plus ballet flats– Somerset House is very big. Finished the look with a dark gray Bayswater. I would take a picture of the bag, but I’m too lazy.

When I got there things were already very busy and a tad overwhelming. I’ve never been the most patient person and hate shopping with millions of other people around. I realized that this was perhaps not the best place for me to be…

This was tame compared to some areas.

Some nice fur hats for sale.

There were so many designers and unbelievable deals, but I really hadn’t come prepared for power shopping. Of course there were a couple of purchases that I just couldn’t resist:

A perfectly royal blue cashmere scarf. So soft. So pretty.

Paperself Paper Eyelashes (this style is called Peonies)

An Alex Monroe Locket that I’ve been wanting for ages.

Surprise! A tiny bird inside.

A subscription to Elle Magazine (now that I have a permanent address, Huzzah!)  And all on sale. Oh happy day!

Of course there was more to do than just shop…

You could treat yourself to a nice spa treatment at the Weekend Retreat

There was also a fashion show. It was FW ’11 collections, but in the same place where LFW had just taken place…which made it cool.
I had some issues with my camera and lighting and such (what…I never said I was a professional photographer, and I never will…because clearly I’m not.

And last but not least of course was the lovely gift bag I got at the end of the day. It came filled with lots of goodies! Some highlights:

My very own Karl Coca Cola!

Kiss Ever EZ False Eyelashes (there’s a string on them to make them easier to apply…I have not tested them yet. I’ll let you know how it goes when I do.

Some snazzy new earbuds. They’re still in the box; I don’t think any amount of colour or bedazzling will ever take the place of my beloved Bose ear buds.

Cool London Fashion Weekend Gift Bag