London Photo Post

A few Blackberry photos from my first week in London.

Big toilet and tiny toilet in one stall. Bit of an awkward photo I know…but…why? I thought it was funny…

For all of my friends who are fans of Simon’s Cat…might have to go back and get this actually.

Game of Thrones Fans…this is Khal Drogo’s secret…he’s living the life in London.

One of the many racks in the Selfridges magazine section. This is why I’ve moved to London. Heaven.

Yes, that is a Christmas section in Selfridges. Already. Yes it is still September in London, as it is everywhere else.

You can’t really tell from the photo, but these are all tiny versions of designer shoes…like baby-sized.

Mainly for the Kennedy’s, to make the Bulmer’s vs. Magner’s question a bit more confusing…

…and this one is mainly for Craig…one of the first sights I saw on my drive into London from Heathrow.