Learning Some New Tricks

So you’ve completely changed your hairstyle…now what?


On one of my first nights back in London (a month ago!) I had plans to see friends for dinner. None of them had seen my new haircut, and since I’d just gotten it chopped I hadn’t really had the chance to play around with it.

So there I was sitting in my bedroom, make-up on, outfit planned and music playing. I picked up my  trusty curling iron and tried to wrap a section of my hair around the barrel. Tried being the key word here. After so many months of relying on my curling iron for nights out, I was suddenly faced with a new beauty dilemma: how the hell do I style my hair?!?!? Heated rollers were out of the question (I’d tried them recently and wasn’t too impressed); I didn’t have the time or the energy to create a decent up-do; and I haven’t owned a straightener in years. I started to feel rather frustrated with my new hair cut.

Luckily I remembered that my stylist had used a tapered curling wand the day that I got Rapunzled (sigh….for those who don’t remember, spoiler alert: she gets a pretty drastic hair cut). I happened to have one lying around–a beauty addict is always prepared–so I tried working some magic with the wand. The results were decent enough for me to leave the flat.

My magical Babyliss curling wand

Now if you’ve recently changed your hairstyle and this post is making you hyperventilate– don’t panic. There are a few things you can do to avoid a dilemma like this:

Ask an expert

When you’re sitting in your stylist’s chair, ask them to give you ideas on what to do with your new hair cut. They might suggest something you’d never even thought of!

Update your tool kit

Invest in a good curling iron or dust off that ceramic straightener at the back of your drawer. Experiment when you have nothing else to do.

Get Inspired

Magazines, beauty blogs and Pinterest (my personal favourite) are all good places to look. YouTube is also an excellent source for video tutorials.

Get the good stuff

Drug Store products are fine, but if you want to look like you just left the salon try professional styling products. My must have is L’Oreal Tecni Art Volume Riche Mousse

No idea how to use a curling wand? Check out this video by Babyliss. It is a bit cheesy (as these videos tend to be) but the instructions are pretty straightforward.  I usually flip my head upside down and shake out the curls to loosen them a bit.