A Busy Weekend

I’ve been a busy little bee in London!


I spent Friday wandering the King’s Road. For those of you who don’t know, this is a very long road. It even has its own website! Wandered in and out of a lot of stores. There a loads of cute boutiques to shop in, but I wasn’t really in a shopping mood (shocking, I know) so I didn’t buy much. I was very tempted to buy everything in theTaschen store, but then realized that I would have to carry my purchases home…Taschen books (the ones that I want anyway) are not small. I’ll have to go back on a day when I have more energy so I can do some book shopping and visit the Saatchi Gallery.


Saturday I spent my day at Somerset house for London Fashion Weekend. I’ve given this event a separate post, which you can read here, because there is just so much to tell!

Saturday night was a girls night out (plus one boy) with Kathleen, Victoria, and Chris. Short summary of the evening: Pub, crashed an engagement party, Club with 80s music, A few near-death experiences with double-deckers, a million Rickshaw ride offers, and quite a few drinks. The evening ended with three girls with very sore feet, satisfying a serious MacDonalds craving. All in all a very successful night/ early morning.


It took me a lot longer to get there than I’d expected due to an issue with a black cab. Well, the issue was with the black cab driver really. He got lost. This does not happen in London. Black Cab drivers are supposed to know London better than anyone else. I usually take a Black Cab if I have no idea where I’m going. I was shocked. Apparently he needs to re-take the Knowledge.

Mmmm Sunday lunch. The best way to spend a Sunday after staying out until 3am. So, so, so yummy. I woke up feeling fine Sunday morning…by Sunday evening I was hungover…seriously (so much wine!)

Sunday night was spent nursing my hangover headache and watching the first series of Downton Abbey, my new obsession. If you haven’t watched it, you should.