Chopped– The Spontaneous Haircut

Ah the spontaneous haircut. It can happen after a break-up, a misplaced piece of gum, or a simple misunderstanding with your stylist. But sometimes a girl just needs a new do.

All my life I have had very healthy, but very stubborn hair that has refused to grow…that is until I moved to London. For some unknown reason my hair has been growing at an unprecedented pace since I got here, and hey, I’m not complaining!  I’ve always wanted long hair, so I’ve really been enjoying it for the last few months. I finally learned how to use a curling iron, I rocked hippy-style waves this summer, and I have loved the freedom of being able to do pretty much anything with my flowing locks.

My 23rd birthday, surrounded by my friends and my hair.

Then one day I decided that I was bored of the long hair. I was done with it. I was about to return to London, Summer was ending for me and I was (and still am) hoping to get a job at a fashion magazine in September– I needed a new look.

I’d had a regular trim scheduled for weeks, but woke up the day of the appointment and decided to make a bold decision. I left the salon with my hair about 10 inches shorter, and immediately felt chicer, more spontaneous and a hell of a lot cooler (it was a stifling 40°C in Toronto that day). I nervously sent a photo to the boyfriend (who until then knew nothing about it) and got just the response a girl needs when she’s cut of most of her hair: “HOT. Hot, hot hot.” (He’s the best). My Mum loves it (after months of “you’re hair is just so…long”), my friends love it, and most importantly I love it!

Well I’m back in London now. I don’t have the long, sexy, Hollywood waves anymore, and I’m glad. The look just wasn’t me. My new philosophy is that shorter is stylish, sophisticated and oh, so chic.

Short-hair inspiration. Season 5 (her best hair in my opinion), when Carrie starts working at Vogue…